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Golden Bee - Moscow International Biennial of Graphic Design, Moscow, 2010
Applied art Kuznetsk, Moscow, 2010

«Tree», Kuznetsky Bridge, 2010

«Russian season», Paris, 2010

Let’s talk about Paris, collage, 2009

Autoportret of life of our time, CHA, 2008

Kuznetsky Bridge — 2006

Work 2005-2006, CHA, 2006

Work, CHA, 2005

Personal exhibition in the museum of HAA, 2006

«Russian province», CHA, 2006

«Plastique in the interior», CHA, 2006

Masters golden hands, CHA, 1998

Russian Art Exhibition «Russia», CEH «Manezh»

Exhibition organized by the Art Assosiation of International Friendship, 1990

Exhibition «National Art of USSR», CEH «Manezh», 1989

Exhibition «Russian Youth», 1989

Exhibition «Artists to the World Fund», 1989

Exhibition «Artists of Moscow vicinities to the Soviet Fund of the World», 1988

MNI exhibition, initiated to  the 75th anniversary of the artel «Bogorodsky carver» creation, 1988

Regional exhibition, initiated to the USSR Armed Forces, 1988

On the youth workshop, Moscow, 1987

MOOSH, Krutitsky billow, 1987